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It’s a puzzling dilemma when veterans end up homeless. After service overseas, some veterans never fully integrate back into the community they sought to protect. Some fall through the cracks and don’t know about the benefits available to them. Some have troubles holding a stable job because of the emotional stress. Welcome Home Inc. strives to provide veterans with basic needs of food and shelter so they can focus on taking care of their mental health. Their adjustment coming from combat back to the U.S. can be emotionally draining. This story¬†from the Columbia Missourian¬†about Anesia Mattox and her vision behind serving veterans, is one of many inspiring stories from this nonprofit.

Anesia Mattox, executive director of Welcome Home Incorporated, speaks with the veterans living in the shelter, during a weekly group meeting. Photo by Breden Neville. Read the story and watch the audio slideshow: http://bit.ly/arOhXZ


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