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As students of the Missouri School of Journalism (or students at Missouri with close ties to the J-School) and being a part of a startup news platform, we are constantly scouring the Internet for articles that are interesting, inspiring and relate to what we are doing now. These are a few topics that have caught our eyes recently.


  • This New York Times article compares what the founders of EBay and Progressive are doing as philanthropists. Albeit, differing personalities, both of these founders and philanthropists are handing out business advice with the money they are giving nonprofits. Specifically, human resources advice. Do you think large companies giving money to nonprofits should stop there or try to force their proven successful business practices on the nonprofits.
  • In case you haven’t already come across this, there is a series on The Guardian’s blog about the process of creating a new startup media news/entertainment website. These former journalists left the traditional world of journalism where they felt their creativity being squelched to start anew. Very interesting stuff!
  • This is a story that has been making headlines and touching the hearts of many all week. As a nine-year-old, Rachel Beckwith displayed a since of maturity and selflessness that many, including this 24-year-old lack. If you have missed this story, please follow the link and read it. Truly inspiring.
  • Since we are on the topic of it, this article is technically a few weeks old but is very pertinent to Rachel Beckwith’s story. Actor, Matt Damon is the co-founder of Water.org and is doing some great things to help bring clean water to countries in Africa.

Hopefully you find these stories as informing and interesting as we did. Have a great start of the week!


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