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As cleaning efforts continue in Joplin, many Columbia residents volunteered their Saturdays to travel to the southwest Missouri town to aid in the cleanup. Columbia For Joplin was organized by members of local rotary clubs to give Columbia residents a one-day opportunity to travel to Joplin as an organized group to help Americorps with debris cleanup. More than 700 Columbia residents rode busses and traveled separately this past Saturday.

In a release from Columbia For Joplin, Columbia Sunrise Southwest Rotary member and event organizer, Neil Riley said, “This is a way to connect. It’s one thing to write a check, it’s another thing to get involved personally.”

According to Americorps, over 50,000 people from all over the country have volunteered with them in Joplin since the May 22 tornado.

Vermont Residents Stepping Up To Aid In Irene Relief

Volunteers in Vermont are doing everything from cleaning up damaged homes, business and roadways to harvesting vegetables, according to an article from the Burlington (Vt.) Free Press. Because of floodwaters potentially contaminating crops, some crops had to be harvested earlier.

Also according to the article, farmers were using Twitter to ask for help for harvesting the crops. Many volunteers say requests for help on Twitter and responded to the requests.

The American Red Cross and Vermont Red Cross have deployed 250 volunteers so far. Americorps will most likely follow right along. Because of a new volunteer term, they have only sent five volunteers but according to the article, they plan on sending more than 100 more.


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Every 45 seconds a child dies from Malaria, according to Malaria No More. Malaria No More is a nonprofit organization based in New York with the mission to end Malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. Even though 91% of Malaria deaths happen in Africa, Malaria No More just became a little more local for Americans and specifically, Missourians.

NASCAR driver, Carl Edwards announced this week that he is teaming up with Malaria No More with his “Ride along with Carl” campaign where individuals can donate $10 for a mosquito net. Edwards has already donated money and was featured in a PSA for Malaria No More. In addition, Edwards will be spending the rest of this racing season visiting Africa and learning more about the deadly but preventable disease.

Malaria no more plans on implementing mosquito nets and educational campaigns to raise awareness of how to prevent and treat Malaria in Africa.

As a fellow Missourian and Columbia resident it makes me proud to see Edwards use his time and resources to raise awareness about a serious and preventable sickness that kills nearly 800,000 individuals each year, 85% of those being children under the age of five (again, stats are from Malaria No More).

For more information about Malaria and the partnership between Edwards and Malaria No More, please visit the Malaria No More website.

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